If You Want To Keep Your Little Ones Busy This Summer, This Is The Project For You

When I was growing up, I remember one of my favorite things to do outside was play inside the sandbox my parents set up in our backyard.

As a kid, not much was quite as satisfying as running sand through my fingers and toes and building little castles with the help of buckets filled with water. Never having lived near a beach, that box was the next best thing to me. What this guy made for his little girl, however, is even better.

Redditor steviethev‘s three-year-old daughter absolutely loves sand and water, so he decided to surprise her with something that gives her unlimited access to both whenever she feels like playing with them. The resulting station he built is something any kid would have a ton of fun with.

First, he gathered pine boards and a piece of plywood, then cut them to size.

Using his router table, he cut a groove on the ends of the board and one in the middle of the piece he would use to divide the box into two sections.

Thanks to his handiwork, the boards fit perfectly and it was a cinch to glue and nail them together.

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Then came time to glue and nail the plywood to the bottom and attach smaller pieces around the frame.

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Using more of the small pieces, the builder constructed legs and added middle support to the bottom of the table.