Having A Beehive In Your Chimney Is Pretty Much The Worst Thing Ever

Whenever I looked inside my chimney as a kid, I was afraid that terrifying creatures would jump onto my face.

Fortunately, my head has never been attacked by an angry critter, but I still believe that there’s a big possibility of something living inside that narrow space. This guy definitely proved me right.

After hearing buzzing sounds in his wall for over a year, Redditor absw realized that a swarm of bees had taken residence in his chimney. At that point, he knew he needed to bring in professionals.

The fireplace in his room had been blocked up ever since he moved in, but he didn’t notice the bees until the last year before they were removed.

He and his family thought the bees had left for good during the winter months. That wasn’t exactly the case…

The problem was so bad that he had to call professionals to smoke the bees out, and when they swept the chimney, this massive hive came out.

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Though most of the bees had flown away, many didn’t make it.

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Luckily, this won’t be a problem for absw anymore, as he had the chimney capped. But needless to say, it was a gigantic mess for him to clean up.

The only saving grace about this is that they were honey bees and not nightmarish wasps. Still, I’m pretty sure that I’m going to get paranoid every time my phone buzzes now.

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